Our Subsidiaries

We aim to become one of Africa’s most prominent conglomerates with a mandate to control over 80 independently-financed subsidiaries in five countries worldwide within our first ten years of operation. We currently have a presence in 4 states of the federation and employ over 8,000 Nigerians in our operations.

Zylus Group International

Zylus Group is the parent company of over 30 subsidiaries including Zylus Homes and Property Limited, Real Estate Cash Back, Zylus Transport and Logistics Limited, Zylus Travels, and Tour Limited, Zylus Designs and Prints Limited,  Zylus Elites Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society, Zylus Farmvest Limited; Zylus Property Management Limited, among many other functioning subsidiaries.


 Zylus Homes and Property Limited is a leading Real Estate and Investment Company dedicated to bringing Real Estate into the future by helping over 10,000 families and homes. Buying and selling Real Estate is presumed to be a process with many difficult steps; that’s why we keep our approach simple and straightforward.

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At Real Estate Cash Back Cooperative, we believe that every purchase you make should be rewarding. We are a leading cashback company that is dedicated to putting money back into your wallet every time you shop. With a vast network of partner stores, exclusive offers, and a user-friendly platform, we make earning cashback an effortless and enjoyable experience for our members.

  • Target Savings
  • Real Estate Cashback
  • Property Savings Scheme
  • Unlimited loans
zylustravels and tour

Zylus Travel and Tour long-term goal is to be locally and internationally recognized with bespoke and dynamic travel experiences.


• Domestic and International Airline Tickets.
• Bespoke Tour Packages for Individuals and Group.
• Hotel Reservations.
• Visa Advisory and Assistance.
• International Passports.
• Private Jet bookings.
• Airport Protocols.
• Transfers.
• Post-Covid 19 Home Testing and many more……….


With over 7.5 billion people to feed and clothe, opportunities for investment in agriculture are at an all-time high. Assets like income-producing agriculture, provide a hedge against inflation, and are an attractive investment for a diversified portfolio. Agriculture as an alternative investment has little to no correlation with the stock market, and produces solid returns compared to other asset classes.

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About us

Zylus Group International is a fast-growing, privately owned, and internationally recognized business capital organization with interests in Real Estate, Investment, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, Designs and Printing, Media, Transport and Logistics, Travels and Tours, and many more.

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31, Theophilus, Oji Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


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