renting vs owning

Renting vs. Owning a Home: What’s the Difference?

Renting vs Owning a home, what is the difference? Choosing to rent or buy your home is a major decision that affects your lifestyle and financial health. Ownership is touted as an investment that is likely to build equity and a source of tax deductions. Renting also has its advantages, including little to no responsibility and flexibility. However, people often believe that buying a...

passive investment, zylusgroup

5 Key Reasons to consider passive income investing in 2021

Passive Income Investing Many people conflate the concepts of real estate investing and passive income. Real estate can be a form of passive investing, but often not in the ways that investors think. Passive real estate investing can be one of the most powerful ways to make your money work for you. But before we discuss the specific benefits of passive real estate investing, we need to...

zylus court extension

Zylus Court Extension

ZYLUS COURT EXTENSION Zylus Court Extension features units of elegantly designed units of bungalows and terraces plus BQs and is the place you need to be, the perfect place to make your home, the place that offers peace, comfort, and serenity. Spread over a wide area surrounded by elegantly landscaped greenery, each unit is designed to provide ample space and openness for splendid living...

real estate companies

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Lagos, Nigeria in 2021.

Across the world, the Real Estate companies Lagos, Nigeria  is regarded as a critical industry that plays a leading role in the attraction of investment and realignment of the economy for steady growth and development.However, some Real Estate companies are dedicated to providing solutions to the housing deficit problems faced by Nigerians through strategic innovations.These firms in Nigeria not just sell...

furnished and finished apartment

Differences between a furnished and a finished apartment.

Many times, we often conflate a finished and furnished apartment and often misinform others because of this.Below are some differences between a furnished and finished apartment:Furnished ApartmentA furnished apartment is an apartment that comes with the furniture you’ll need to live in the space, like a couch, beds, and basic appliances. There are three different types of furnished apartments:...

buildings in Nigeria

Different types of buildings in Nigeria and their features

Buildings in Nigeria come in various styles, forms, and shapes — from mansions to bungalows to terraces. These different types of houses all have something unique about them. The whole profession of architecture is dedicated to the designing and construction of such buildings — with particular attention paid to aesthetic values. Over the years, some housing styles have gone in and out of fashion....

50, zylus group international

6 Things to consider when buying a home in your 50’s

Things to consider when buying a property at 50 It is not uncommon to find a 50-something-year-old asking himself if he is too old to buy a house at his or her age. The answer is, absolutely not! A couple of years ago, the general assumption was that most people, if not all, retired around the age of 60 or 65 which is no longer so today as many people around this age still find...

maximize your retirement savings

5 Ways to maximize your retirement savings in 2021.

So many Nigerians believe that buying or building a house is one of the best investments to make with their retirement savings. It’s a beautiful idea, but it may be the worse decision they have ever taken if not well planned. This is because these funds are not continuous and investing it wisely is a great gain, vice versa. And besides, there are other tangible investments that you can do with your...

zylus court

Understanding Real Estate Appreciation in 2021

Zylus Court Adewale thought in his heart, “I should buy a plot of land from John, the realtor that calls me every day to tell me about a land at Lekki. I need to invest this profit I made on my business last month.” He proceeds to call the realtor. Phone conversation  Adewale:  Hello John! John: Good morning Mr. Adewale, how have you been?  Adewale: I’m fine,...

real estate investment

Real Estate Story

The REAL ESTATE STORY It happens on the 19th of May, 2021. We bought land from a man at Sangotedo at the rate of N32million and we decided to ask him, how much it cost him to buy the land 10 years ago. He replied and said, "It cost me Ome million naira at the time when I bought the land." This said man is 65 years and he decided to sell the land to make high Returns towards his plans for...

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