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One of the generally accepted narratives about Nigerians is how hardworking the majority of the populace is however, even while most work tirelessly, only a few can boast of making good money or living the lives of their dreams.

This makes it imperative for more people to be equipped with financial intelligence skills.

Hard work is important but smart work is key in hitting financial goals and this is why keen insights on how to use available money to generate more money must be learned by all.

The Financial Intelligence Summit sponsored by Zylus is set out to do justice to exposing participants to the in and out of financial situations particularly personal finances.

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speakers and Panelists

Learn from the best in the field

Niyi Adesanya

oluwatosin olatujoye

Oluwatosin Olatujoye

Olumide Emmanuel

Bukola Olatujoye
Samson Olatunde
Ezekiel Solesi
Tade Cash

What you will get

Chances are you won’t find someone who is not aware of financial intelligence. This is regardless of how you want to define success..

3 Speakers/ 4 panelists

Financial Intelligent Summit 2021

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