Accessing Potential Real Estate Opportunities in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the demand for residential properties and for new developments is considered to be an important factor in the development of the economy of the constituent states.

Accesing Potential in Nigeria

Nigeria is described as the economic and commercial hub of Africa partly because of its high level commercial activities and its housing of all land, sea, rail and air ports.

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Around the world, real estate investment is given concerted attention due to its critical role and contribution to national economy and socioeconomic development of nations. For instance, inference from past studies suggest that real estate business contributes job creation and employment generation, housing provision, income enhancement and redistribution as well as poverty alleviation.


Things to look out for when buying real estate products

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Understanding real estate in Nigeria

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Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye

Chairman, Zylus Group International

Bukola Olatujoye

Chief Executive Officer, Zylus Group International 

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Zylus Group International is a fast-growing, privately owned, and internationally recognized business capital organization with interests in Real Estate, Investment, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, Designs and Printing, Media, Transport and Logistics, Travels and Tours, and many more.

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