• Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience.
  • Strong analytical, communication, and computer skills.
  • Understanding of accounting and financial processes.
  • Professional/Ethical behavior.
  • Innovative/ Analytical /Attention to detail.
  • Work experience with relevant accounting software , understanding of new accounting reporting standards, and data analysis and management reports entry
  • Advanced knowledge and experience of spreadsheets and use.
  •  Ability to work independently and under pressure and also a team player.



  • Reconcile all business accounts to ensure our records match up and no transaction gets lost.
  • Handle all accounts payable and receivable on a daily basis to make sure each invoice and expenses report is accurate.
  • Create detailed journal entries and post them to the ledger to track all income statements and expenses.
  • Facilitate all incoming payments and outgoing cheques.
  • Preparing accounts and tax returns.
  • Monitoring spending and budgets.
  • Auditing and analyzing financial performance
  • Financial forecasting and risk analysis.
  • Advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits for the organization.
  • Compiling and presenting financial and budget reports weekly, monthly and quarterly.
  • Ensure that financial statements and records comply with laws and regulations
  • Keeping account books and systems up to date.  
  •  Completing analysis of the employee expenditures
  •  Keeping a check on the company’s finances based on financial status
  •  Filing and remitting taxes and other financial obligations
  •  Complying with all company, local, state, and federal accounting and financial regulations.
  •  Compiling, analyzing, and reporting financial data.
  •  Creating periodic reports, such as balance sheets, profit & loss statements, etc.
  •  Presenting data to managers, investors, and other entities.
  •  Performing audits and resolving discrepancies.
  •  Keeping informed about current legislation relating to finance and accounting.
  •  Assisting management in the decision-making process by preparing budgets and financial forecasts.
  • Initiating and managing financial and accounting software used by the company.


Salary range N60,000 – N100,000 monthly

N.B: Preferable candidates living on the Island.

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